Woodland Burial

The inspirational Woodland Burial Site is for coffin interment and provides a return to nature for those who wish to be laid to rest amongst wildflowers with the sound of animals and birdsong close by.

Roucan Loch Woodland Burial Site is unique. It is the first woodland burial site in the country which has been pre-planted with many native trees including alder, aspen, rowan and birch. Each tree becomes a living memorial in place of a traditional headstone and each plot allows your loved ones to lie side by side in the peaceful woodland.

Through the changing seasons the beauty of nature is timeless; the golden daffodils and the blossoms of the spring, the sun-dappled, leafy shade of the summer, the stunning blaze of autumn glory and the frosted patterns on bare branches in the winter.

Gradually over the years the woodland will develop, with an abundance of wildlife making its home amongst the trees and carpet of wild flowers.

Just 3 miles from the centre of Dumfries, the site overlooks tranquil waters where abundant wildlife, calming birdsong and panoramic views of the rolling Dumfriesshire landscape, offer a natural final resting place. Roucan Loch Woodland Burial Site is in effect a nature reserve, providing peace of mind for the family as the site will remain a protected natural environment in perpetuity.

Roucan Loch is open daily and you are invited to visit the woodland burial site at weekends between 10am-4pm.


Pre-purchase of plots and trees for woodland burial is available. This is a unique opportunity at Roucan Loch as there is a reduction in the amount of traditional burial space available locally.

If you would like further information, please phone our office on 01387 266 749.