Roucan Loch Terms and Conditions

Since opening in 2005, the philosophy of Roucan Loch Crematorium and Woodland Burial Site has been to provide a natural final resting place for the people of Dumfries and Galloway and beyond.

There are designated areas within the Garden of Remembrance for memorials, where clients may create a natural, miniature garden within a one metre plot, using e.g. snowdrops, miniature daffodils, primroses or other dwarf plants to preserve the natural beauty and delicate ecosystem of the woodland. Please Note: It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that memorial gardens are well maintained.

To help maintain Roucan Loch as “a natural place” and to protect our wildlife and unique environment, cut flowers (with no plastic covering) may only be placed in non-personalised containers outside of the Memorial Lodge, where there is also a water butt.

Plastic or fresh flowers, rabbit deterrents, decorative stone chippings, pebbles, shells, stones/rocks, border fencings or ornaments of any description, including wind chimes and flower vases are NOT permitted and will be removed by our grounds staff.

We thank you for your understanding in helping to protect the natural environment of Roucan Loch, as our family of deer, badgers, rabbits, swans and ducks do not understand that plastic and other man-made objects are dangerous.

Safety in the Grounds
You are welcome to visit our beautiful grounds and memorial gardens from 10am until 4pm. After the main gate is locked at 4pm, access is possible on foot through the lych-gate.

As Roucan Loch is a natural place, there are many undulations and areas that are uneven and ground conditions may vary due to weather conditions.

The loch and streams contain deep water.

Children should not be left unattended at any time.

It is your responsibility to be vigilant and take care. Users to Roucan Loch do so entirely at their own risk and the management accepts no liability for losses or damage to vehicles and their contents whilst parked within the grounds.

For a list of our full terms and conditions please contact the Roucan Loch Office.